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Warehouse Shelves from Above

The Future of Cannabis Distribution

Experience faster lead times, better service, higher market coverage, and growth for your cannabis brands.

About Us

Serving your customers,

fueling your growth.

Lineage Distribution is a core provider of distribution services in the heart of Canada, serving the Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut markets directly. Built on a commitment to serving our partners and their customers, we deliver a white glove service that prioritizes the metrics that matter most.

By choosing Lineage Distribution, you're not just selecting a service provider — you're gaining a trusted partner invested in your growth and prosperity. With Lineage, you can unlock your full potential.

Our Solutions

True market coverage with 

white glove service.


3 Day

Lead times.

Live Data

on orders

From the first mile to the last, we meticulously craft every step of your distribution journey. With Lineage, expect swift lead times that enhance your customers' experience, elevating your brand's reputation for reliability and excellence.


We guarantee not only secure and accurate delivery but also ensure that your products shine as dependable choices for retailers to order.

Storage & Warehousing


Warehouse Space


controlled & monitored

Maximize efficiency by leveraging our warehouse facilities to ensure your markets are always stocked with readily available inventory while simultaneously optimizing space at your own site.


Our comprehensive storage and distribution solutions go beyond simple cross-docking, enabling us to expertly manage and maintain your inventory at our facility, guaranteeing seamless supply chain management.

Excising & Master Casing




inventory availability

As a holder of the Standard Processor license, we possess the capability to excise and master case your finished units, enabling you to incorporate non-excised units into your inventory, making your inventory as dynamic as possible.


Our in-house QA team, acting as your secondary external QA team, diligently ensures the absence of discrepancies and provides simplified, readily available data for seamless HC & CRA reporting.

Our Mission

A customer first approach to bring the market what it needs.

Lineage's mission was crafted around the challenges retailers encounter in the supply chain, particularly slow lead times. Retailers purchasing products upfront cannot afford to wait weeks for delivery. This resulted in products and suppliers being blacklisted if they couldn't meet this demand. Conversely, many companies struggled with their logistics burden, hindering their ability to focus on their core competency of producing great products.

It became evident to us that someone needed to provide a solution that addressed the pain points of retailers while aligning with the needs of companies utilizing our service. Thus, Lineage has built a business model based on transparency, innovation, and speed to deliver the most value to our partners on both sides of the industry.

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Lineage by the Stats.


Brands Served


Orders Delivered


Markets Directly Serving

Happy Customers


A Few of Our Industry Partners

You too can experience the Lineage Difference. 

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